Leef at CES with Star of Vegas Mobile Trade Show Booth

In a sea of businesses competing for customers’ split-second attention spans, how does a company stand out at a trade show while staying within budget? A tour of the world’s largest trade show reveals what leading companies do to stay ahead of the competition.

Leef, a mobile memory company, wanted to leave an unforgettable impression on customers at 2016’s Consumer Electronics Show. CES is one of the largest trade shows in the world, presenting new consumer electronics products to a global audience. Standing out from the crowd amid so many forward-thinking companies is no easy task.


Forgoing the standard trade show booth, Leef tapped the Star of Vegas mobile lounge to create a one-of-a-kind trade show vehicle with branded exterior and interior walls, an inviting lounge atmosphere and visually compelling retail showcases. They also utilized Star of Vegas’ trade show services to create a fully branded footprint, including an 80-foot banner wall and complementary hotel meeting suite.

David Smurthwaite, partner and head of marketing at Leef, said “Star of Vegas provided the perfect solution for our trade show needs. Being at CES, you need to be different and stand out, and our custom mobile showroom definitely hit the mark. In addition, their team coordinated the furnishing of an adjoining meeting room suite which completed our customers’ experience and perfectly met our company objectives. I would recommend them for any trade show event.”

Here are some key factors in Leef’s trade show success:


1. Location, location, location! There’s no guarantee that people will see your booth if you get assigned a subpar booth location. Instead of being at the mercy of a trade show coordinator’s whims or paying sky-high rates for prime booth locations, position yourself where you want to be. By parking the Star of Vegas mobile lounge outside of the entrance to the convention hall, Leef ensured that they were seen by virtually every CES attendee, leaving a strong first impression as people walked into the show and being the last thing they saw when they left.

2. Think outside of the booth. “What is that?!” “Look at that bus!” We hear these exclamations everyday as onlookers point and stare with bewildered smiles at the Star of Vegas bus. Everyone wants to know what’s inside and climb aboard. Trade show attendees have seen the same booth setups a million times. Daring presentation is key; different shapes and silhouettes, flashy colors and lights, and thumping sounds grab attention. A giant bus with bold banners and multiple screens playing video feeds about your company is one way to go.

3. Carve multiple experiences out of a single space. The “Leef Bus” grabbed everyone’s attention within a half-mile radius. Walking up to the bus, Leef planned for an outdoor salon area out front. Upon boarding the bus, guests were greeted with multiple screens playing demo videos, a cozy modern lounge atmosphere and colorful retail showroom. There was also a separate room for quick private meetings or a place for staff to enjoy some video gaming. Each area conveyed different aspects of the company to customers and maximized use of the space.

4. Explore other creative options that fit your budget. Exhibit space at larger shows can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Add on costs for booth design and construction, furnishings, show services, entertaining clients after the show, etc., and trade shows exceed most companies’ budgets. By using the Star of Vegas as their mobile trade show booth, Leef saved thousands of dollars while making a huge impact on trade show attendees. After the show, it was also a ready-to-go vehicle for taking clients out on the town, with tasteful Ultra leather couches and wood paneling suited for corporate entertaining.

In our next post, we’ll show you how Leef didn’t stop there–in addition to the trade show vehicle itself, they pulled out all the stops and utilized Star of Vegas’ trade show services to create an entire footprint and branded experience.

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